4 Magic Moves (Winner of the “Fool Them” Contest at Magi-Fest 2016)


4 Magic Moves is an Uber clean 4 signed cards to 4 different pockets.

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At Magi-Fest 2016, Andi Gladwin, Joshua Jay and Tim Moore (the convention organizers) held their own version of Penn and Teller’s “Fool Us.”  It was called “Fool Them.”  The goal was to perform a trick that could fool Andi, Josh and Tim.

4 Magic Moves was the ONLY trick in the competition to “Fool Them.”


Here’s the effect…

  • 4 signed cards are fairly placed in 4 different parts of the deck
  • The deck is cut and shuffled
  • 4 innocent magic moves are demonstrated and the deck is placed on the table
  • You then immediately remove one card from each of four different pockets
  • These are the 4 signed cards!
  • And… you are 100% clean!

I explain everything in complete detail and show you different handling options. You will even learn how you can have the 4 signed cards each have a different back design than the deck you’re working with.  Imagine taking out 4 different backed cards out of 4 different pockets (with no funny moves) and immediately showing they are impossibly their 4 signed cards!


l teach everything in detail and I also show you what the moves look like from the best learning perspective… your Point Of View.


The DVD Run Time is 42 minutes