The Morphew One Hand Top Palm & The Rub-a-dub Deluxe Suite DVD


Over 15 Killer Sleights with Multiple Uses and Applications.

Two 5 Star downloads on one DVD with a full menu system for easy navigation.

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The Rub-a-dub Deluxe and The Morphew One Hand Top Palm were previously 5 star instant downloads. I’ve recently added a lot of additional content, re-shot the material in HD and put it on  DVD with full menus for easy navigation.  Now, instead of streaming one large video file, you can easily navigate to exactly thesections you want see or review.


The Rub-a-dub Deluxe Is an Extremely Convincing Vanish of a Playing Card.


The Rub-a-Dub Deluxe has been upgraded to The Rub-a-dub Deluxe Suite.   I’ve added several amazing variations, applications and other utility sleights in this updated version.  I also employ some new teaching methods to make learning the timing as clear as possible.   



In addition to the Vanish you’ll learn…


• 3 Different Table vanishes
• The Pocket Vanish
• Doing the Vanish with a Small Packet 
• The Face Up Vanish
• My Gambler’s Action Top Cop
• My Swivel Reveal

Plus- you’ll learn several previously unpublished sleights, ideas and applications


• The Face Up Switch –Glenn Morphew
• The Flip Switch Out –Glenn Morphew
• The Tactile Vanish -Matthias Groß
• The Angle Jogged Dribble Toss Control -Steve Bedwell
• The Under Box Vanish – Jeremiah Zuo
• The Flip Over Box Load – Jeremiah Zuo

(Run time 53 minutes)


The Morphew One Hand Top Palm is a burnable palming technique with no tells, foreshadowing or apparent get-readies. The palm is virtually undetectable when executed during an in-transit action.

You will learn the Palm and a Whole Lot More.



  • Dry skin solutions
  • A Detailed Video Explanation of what is actually happening when you make the palm
  • The Proper Grip
  • Controlling exactly where the card will land in your palm
  • 8 different training aids to help you find your best grip and finger action
  • Trouble Shooting… The 4 Most Common Mistakes
  • 9 useful In-Transit Actions to Practice and make your own
  • After The Card Is Palmed… Things to do and to avoid.
  • 2 Very Cool Pocket Reveals
  • My Repeat Card to pocket Routine.

                                               (Run Time 50 minutes)



The DVD also includes some great tricks from my professional repertoire that utilize the Rub-a-dub Deluxe and the Morphew One Hand Top Palm.


Both of these moves are within your grasp.  Some people pick them up right away while others have to put in a little work before they “click.”


I have covered every nuance and subtlety to insure these sleights will be a part of your working arsenal asap.