The Alien Ring “A Ring and Rope Routine that is Out Of This World!” (Ring and Rope Included)


The Alien Ring is a Very Entertaining and Visually Stunning Ring and Rope routine that flows seamlessly from start to finish.


A 4″ Nickel Plated Ring and Quality Magicians Rope are included with the DVD.


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The Alien Ring


      “A Ring & Rope Routine that is Out Of This World!”


The Alien Ring is a very entertaining routine with an engaging premise. This packs small / plays big  routine has 12 magic moments. It is a versatile routine that can be performed close up for one person or it can play for a hundred.


The 4 inch diameter nickel plated ring and quality magicians’ rope are included because finding the right size and weight ring isn’t easy.


The un-gimmicked ring and rope are freely examined and handled by your audience at different points in your performance .


The routine has one unpublished move and several of the other moves are not very well known… (None of the moves are very difficult)


The Alien Ring flows seamlessly from one phase into the next and each time the ring penetrates or is removed from the rope it is done magically… with just one exception.  Each eye popping phase gets a good reaction .


The DVD lets you “play all” or easily navigate to whatever phase you want to learn or review.