E=mc² (As seen on Penn and Teller Fool Us!)


(Lecture Version)

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Six signed cards travel invisibly – one at a time – in order – from your hands to your pocket(s).


E=mc² is a routine I have diligently worked on since July of 2013.  My inspiration and starting point was Gary Jones’ excellent work on the plot. 



• Can be performed in a tee shirt or a tux
• Only 6 cards are used – no dupes
• The Cards are Signed
• The Effect is Crystal Clear.  Six signed cards travel one at a time, in order, to your pocket(s).
• No non-sense, streamlined and direct handling(s)
• No boring repetition. Each card travels in a different way and for a different reason.
• You’ll Learn my Three favorite handlings (I use all three)
• There are THREE visual and TWO magical vanishes. Many Cards to Pockets routines have ZERO.
• Acclaimed Card Men have said this is possibly the best solution for the last 3 cards they’ve seen!
• The first version will be easy  for intermediate and advanced card handlers to learn
• Two entirely different and entertaining presentations
• Every important nuance and subtlety is taught in detail, from the best camera angles
• Cards included

E=mc² Presentation



Six Magic Moves Presentation


Thanks for your interest in my work.